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The answers to all of your Cat-Mark Security inquiries

Man in a plaid shirt and safety glasses touching a catalytic converter under a lifter car.

Catalytic Converter FAQs

Q: Is the etching process safe for my catalytic converter?
A: Yes, our etching process is safe for your catalytic converter. We use a special chemical that adheres to the metal without causing any damage or corrosion.

Q: Will the etching affect the performance of my catalytic converter?
A: No, the etching will not affect the performance of your catalytic converter in any way.

Q: How long does the etching process take?
A: The etching process takes under 5 seconds to complete.

UV Wheel Marking FAQs

Q: Will the UV chemical damage my wheels?
A: No, our UV chemical is safe for your wheels and won't cause any damage.

Q: Will the marking affect the appearance of my wheels?
A: No, the marking is invisible to the naked eye, so it won't affect the appearance of your wheels.

Q: How long does the marking process take?
A: The marking process takes under 5 seconds to complete.


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